The National Trust for Scotland cares for some of Scotland’s magnificent landscapes and over 400 miles of path on Goat Fell, Ben Lawers, Ben Lomond, Glencoe, Kintail, West Affric, Mar Lodge Estate, Grey Mare’s Tail and Torridon.

We need more people to support the Footpath Fund to ensure the long-term care of Scotland’s mountains.
These awe-inspiring landscapes are loved by so many.

Picture a stunning Scottish landscape like Glencoe, Ben Lomond or Torridon. Add driving rain, heavy snow and unrelenting wind and thousands of people carving a path to the summit. The result is a scarred and barren landscape where fragile vegetation and exposed soil are simply washed away.

And that’s why we need the Footpath Fund.

The Footpath Fund raises money specifically for mountain conservation and supports a specialised team, the Mountain Path Team, and numerous dedicated volunteers who brave every weather condition all year round to halt the effects of erosion.

Every penny of your donation will only be spent on path repair projects at the spectacular properties under our care.

The Mountain Path Team is committed to conserving and maintaining the Trust’s network of over 400 miles (643 kilometres) of mountain paths for future generations. Using light-touch techniques, and wherever possible building by hand using locally sourced material, the Mountain Path Team aims to ensure the paths are preserved by providing an enduring solution to the problem of erosion, with minimal visual impact.

Without the Mountain Path Team and the Footpath Fund, erosion would lead to irreversible damage on Scotland’s magnificent landscapes.